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When is an Incentive not an Incentive?

As a business owner we strive to build a winning team. However, we often come under pressure when we lose key members of staff or have a track record of high turnover of staff. This is when we start to ask ourselves what could we have done differently?

What does Sir Richard Branson really mean when he says “train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to?”

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… You’ve all heard the saying from the Walt Disney film, Snow White where the wicked witch seeks affirmation that she is the most beautiful of them all!

I have long held the view that every business reflects those at the top! If the business isn’t looking beautiful, then the chances are it is just reflecting you, the business owner! As business owners, how often do we look in the mirror at ourselves?

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Are you in a Fractured Business Relationship?

Business owners often choose to go into business with a partner or partners and just like personal relationships things can sometimes turn sour as circumstances change. Sometimes the passion goes out of the relationship and the partners drift apart deciding to go their separate ways. Sometimes things get messy as differences spill over into the workplace with clear differences of opinion about strategy and operations getting in the way of decision making, harming the business and office morale with staff getting caught in the middle or unable to do their jobs effectively. 

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Quick Tips

Don't say you're sorry but ...

Don’t say ‘I’m sorry but…’ when you are having to say ‘no’ to doing something you don’t think you should be doing in the first place – say ‘unfortunately …..’   You’re not sorry, you’re just stating the position and it changes the dynamic of the conversation.


By : Judith Clarkson, ADI Limited

Simply Docs

Are you reinventing the wheel?  How many times have you struggled to write a new policy or write a document? Have you paid legal or HR advisers to do it for you? There is a great resource online at

The site claims: “Simply-Docs can provide you with a trusted, affordable and simple alternative. Our extensive portfolio of ready to use document and contract templates will enable you to protect your business and keep up with your legal and compliance requirements.”  They have over 3,000 drafts/templates which you’ll have unlimited access to for an annual subscription of £35.

I’ve found it invaluable. It’s saved me an enormous amount of time and money.


By : Carl Dean, Silkmoth

The Importance of Delegation

Delegate yourself out of the business. Start with the little things first. Do the things you enjoy and delegate everything else.

By : Nigel Dove, Vortex De-pollution
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